2 movie Reviews with Responses


Rated 1 / 5 stars

It shouldn't be considered mature...

I don't think Pac-Man running around with a gun (which should have been drawn, not imported) and shooting up little blobs of color should be considered "mature." The lack of sound is pointless. It would be really easy to find a sound loop and add some gunfire. That bit of extra effort would help immensely.

Fuck-You responds:

I would add sound but my computer doesnt have a sound card.

MegaMan X SS Trailer MegaMan X SS Trailer

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I hope the series is better...

Well, I liked the music, and it timed pretty well, but it's just some fighting sprites. Granted, I like fighting sprites (especially X and Zero), but it needs something more than that to catch my attention. I hope the following episodes will be more original than this.

MegaManX2 responds:

Well my friends this is a "Trailer" this isn't the real thing the real ep has more action plus something I know will attract your attention.. but if I tell you I will ruin the main attraction of this movie.. and since I know you like fighting of X and Zero youw ill love the real thing. Let me repeat this is a trailer ok ;) See ya.